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Affiliate Marketing and Niche Research

In this affiliate marketing article I will explore in details how to make money from affiliate marketing. This is a process by which you promote other people’s products to their ideal customers and make a commission from every sale made through your work.

Specifically, I will be looking at:

  • Niche Research, which enables us to find out more about lucrative products and the people who buy them.
  • Keyword Research (with SEO), which reveals how potential customers search for these products.
  • Pinpointing what your market wants, so you can choose the best products and market them in the best way.
  • How to find products that sell, so you can promote products that are already popular.
  • Setting up an asset that will sell for you, so you can learn how to create and affiliate site that funnels your profits.
  • Effective methods to promote your affiliate offers, so you can encourage more visitors to click on your links to the products you’re promoting and make more money, faster.

This is a comprehensive walk-through of how to make the most from affiliate marketing, with everything laid-out, step-by-step, so let’s get started.

Affiliate Marketing NICHES

First thing’s first: Finding your niche market! In this tutorial we’re going to look at how to research niches and micro-niches.

Now the main reasons we need to research our niche are simple: research will help identify who our audience is, it will identify profitable markets with low competition, and it will eliminate guesswork, which is something you’d want to avoid in this industry.
We begin our research by exploring established markets, what are known as ‘Evergreen Markets’, because of their on-going profitability and popularity, the top three being HEALTH, WEALTH CREATION and LIFESTYLE for these three reasons.

A niche market is essentially a smaller, more specialized market with a larger market. So for example, within Lifestyle, there are markets such as Golf, or Golf Swing. But within each market, you can find niches and within those, even smaller micro-niches; Super-specialized markets within a niche that cater for a more specific audience of potential customers. So People searching for information on their Golf Swing could be catered for by a micro-niche that specializes in Golf Swing drill.

Searching Google

When we go to Google to see this in action, we can immediately see how the specificity or our research effects the results we get. If we type in the word ‘golf’, we get a broad range of results from TV listings to car manufacturers and needless to say many of these results are not relevant.
This is why many users who type their search query into Google take care to be more specific about their search to find what they are looking for. So it pays to be specific when choosing your niche; micro-niche are much more lucrative because they cater for a customer who already KNOWS what they WANT.
So if we narrow down our search to Golf Swing and immediately you’ll see not only the search results becoming more specific to the sport of golfing, but the ads on the right of the search results page will be more relevant too.
Now just by looking at the results Google turns up, you might find your search query has revealed a potentially lucrative market with an audience of active customers. In our example , searching for ‘golf swing‘ actually displayed some websites addressing the topic.
But what we did next was further refine our search and narrow it down to ‘golf swing drills’. Going down into the next level of specificity will affect your search results again. The more words you add into the search field, the more specific your search will be and in this case, all our search results turned up relevant websites and products.

Whether it’s a physical product or a digital one, the more specific your search the deeper into a niche market you’ll be digging to find the lucrative micro-niche that are making money right now.

Hope you enjoyed reading this article and I will be talking about Forum Research and how to find products to promote in the next few days so stay tuned.


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